Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Party, Team Departure, and Market Day

Last night we had a fun, yet very chaotic time celebrating July birthdays. It's always great to hear them sing over and over to each individual child ... last night, I believe, there were 7 birthdays. After lots of singing and cupcakes, we all sat (well, some ran around) and sang songs together for quite a while. A good way for the team to end their week here.

This morning was time to say goodbye. I've never done well with goodbyes and let's just say this certainly was not one of my easiest. Many treats were given out to the children this morning, many kids up here "helping" ... it was chaos at its best ... but we did have a few special moments and love-on-the-kids moments before we left for the airport. I had to reassure MANY children that Mama Shelly was indeed returning from the airport and not going to America with the team.

I had promised the older girls at the beginning of the teams stay that I would take them to market after the team left. They took me literally ... and were all dressed and ready to go when we arrived home from the airport. I'm a big ole softy sometimes and a bit emotional today anyway, so how could I think of saying no?? I even spoiled them a bit by buying them a couple of "out of the norm" treats. Someone's gotta do it. :)

We had a great afternoon once we returned from the market. I think I counted 18 children up here at one point ... just hangin out. We had 10 of them up here for dinner and have MANY girls looking forward to a big ole slumber party with Shelly and Lexi tonight. Great fun, that's for sure. I just heard that the team is safely in Miami, awaiting their flight to Jacksonville ... best wishes and safe travels to you all ... and thanks again for a great week together!!

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